HLP Klearfold Protective Face Masks –

Disposable Face Shields

Face Mask – PET material (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Clear PET Protective Face Masks are the newest development from HLP Klearfold. Clear PET Protective Face Masks are here to protect you. HLP Klearfold delivers within 3 working days.

Face masks to protect you during your working day, as a nurse, as a cashier (Pharmacy & Supermarkets) as a construction worker, as a cleaning person or as a police officer. Our masks are lightweight, easy to use easy to recycle. Protective of saliva, sweat and respiratory secretions.

How to wear protective face mask?

On the days where we all live afraid, that even looking to each other is a bad thing and precisely no for leak of sympathy but because we are living a corona crisis. It started as a virus and today it is a pandemic that has costed thousands of lives worldwide.

We really faced the phrase: taking care of yourself is taking care of the other, this is when HLP Klearfold came up with the idea of creating protective life face masks, they are made from PET material (Polyethylene terephthalate), these plastic face masks are crystal clear and anti-scratch resistant, HLP Klearfold has developed these masks to be protective of saliva, sweat and respiratory secretions to others. HLP Klearfold has been able to supply face masks to hospitals worldwide, its experience with PET material and its unique reputation have directed them to create and manufacture face masks that will help the world to end the spreading of the corona virus.

HLP Klearfold face masks are the easiest to assembly, are 100% recyclable and are here to save the world. For more information please contact us directly. You can purchase these face masks at contacting sales@hlpklearfold.pl or call +48 (0) 224 795 799, +48792 909 564